STRIPE HIV trainings consists of 20 training modules that apply an interprofessional approach to learning and focus on the fundamentals of HIV prevention care and treatment, while also helping learners develop competencies in quality improvement. By the end of the two-day workshop, the learner will be able to demonstrate proficiency in many of the 20 modules and recognize the importance of interprofessional care and a culture of quality improvement.

1. New HIV Diagnosis and ART Initiation in a Woman of Childbearing Age

2. Co-Morbidities in a Patient with Well Controlled HIV

3. Management of HIV-TB Co-Infection

4. PMTCT & Care for the Pregnant Woman with HIV

5. Care of the Adolescent Girl at Risk for HIV

6. Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

7. Care of the Patient with HIV and Cryptococcal Meningitis

8. Management of Sepsis in a Person with HIV

9. ART Adherence & Evaluation of Virologic Failure

10. End of Life Care in a Patient with HIV

11. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Care of Men Who Have Sex with Men

12. Care of the Adolescent Male with Perinatally- Aquired HIV

13. Health System Building Blocks: Delivering High Quality Care to Patients with HIV During COVID-19

14. Community-Based HIV Service Delivery

15. Traditional and Complementary Medicine and Pneumocystis Pneumonia

16. Health Workforce Challenges and HIV Care Delivery

17. Care for the Paediatric Patient with HIV

18. Facilitator Guidelines for Leading Interprofessional Training

19. COVID-19

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