Module 16

Health Workforce Challenges and HIV Care Delivery

The goal of this module is for learners to recognize human resource challenges faced in delivering high quality care at both clinical and systems levels, and to gain an awareness of the necessary skills to deliver high quality HIV care.

What you will learn in Module 16

Demonstrate how to effectively navigate difficult workplace situations, such as co-worker absenteeism.

Review the hierarchy of infection control measures.

Address gaps in TB infection control measures by applying the A3 QI modality (QI).

List common underlying causes of absenteeism.

Describe common causes of health worker attrition.

Recognize the health workforce shortage, and describe strategies to increase the supply of qualified health care workers.

Medical person wearing a face mask

Complete the Module

Each module includes a self-paced group activity and a group activity. The self-paced activity should be completed first. Learner and facilitator materials for the group activity are at the bottom of this page.

Self-Paced Activity

For the best experience, complete the self-paced activity in one session. Your progress through the self-paced module is not saved. Select the “Start Course” button below to begin.

Group Activity

Use the resources below to facilitate group activites to practice skills presented in the module.

Facilitator Materials: Presentation

Slides for presenting the module activities.

Open Facilitator PDF >>

Facilitator Materials: Instructions

Instructions for facilitating the learning activity.

Open Facilitator PDF >>

Learner Materials:

Instructions for learners to complete the activity.

Open Learner PDF >>
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