Module 17

Care for the Paediatric Patient with HIV

The goal of this session is to introduce learners to care for a paediatric patient with HIV, including concepts of medication dosing, interaction with the parent/family, and ethical issues surrounding this key population.

What you will learn in Module 17

Use a team-based approach to care for children with HIV (IPE)

Explain an assessment for growth, nutritional status, and developmental milestones in a paediatric patient with HIV

Explain HIV diagnostics in infants and children

Apply WHO guidelines to an approach to ART and OI management in a paediatric patient with HIV

Discuss ethical dimensions of caring for a paediatric patient with HIV (e.g. disclosure, confi- dentiality, stigma, and evaluating for child abuse)

Demonstrate how and when to disclose HIV status to children with HIV


Complete the Module

Each module includes a group activity and a self-paced activity.

Group Activity

Use the resources below to facilitate group activites to practice skills presented in the module.

Facilitator Presentation

Slides for presenting the module activities.

Download PowerPoint>>

Facilitator Instructions

Instructions for facilitating the learning activity.

Open Facilitator PDF >>

Self-Paced Activity

For the best experience, complete the self-paced activity in one session. Your progress through the self-paced module is not saved. Select the “Start Course” button below to begin.

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