Module 6

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

The goal of this module is to prepare learners to assess and manage any colleague who presents with a potential work-related exposure to HIV.

What you will learn in Module 6

Identify common bloodborne pathogens seen in occupational exposures, and explain what information should be gathered after an exposure event

Explore interprofessional strategies to provide emotional and psychosocial support to a colleague after an occupational exposure to HIV

Discuss how to perform a risk assessment for an occupational exposure to HIV

Develop a follow-up plan, including PEP, to manage exposure to HIV

Review how optimal interprofessional communi- cation and role clarification can reduce the risk of occupational exposure to HIV (IPE)

Demonstrate use of a PDSA framework to identify interventions to reduce the risk of occupational exposure to HIV (QI)

Needle with medicine inside

Complete the Module

Each module includes a group activity and a self-paced activity.

Self-Paced Activity

For the best experience, complete the self-paced activity in one session. Your progress through the self-paced module is not saved. Select the “Start Course” button below to begin.

Group Activity

Each module includes a self-paced group activity and a group activity. The self-paced activity should be completed first. Learner and facilitator materials for the group activity are at the bottom of this page.

Facilitator Materials: Presentation

Slides for presenting the module activities.

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Facilitator Materials: Instructions

Instructions for facilitating the learning activity.

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Learner Materials:

Instructions for learners to complete the activity.

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