Module 20

Care of the Patient after COVID-19 Infection

The goal of this session is to understand the clinical presentation and psychosocial impact of Post COVID-19 Condition (PCC) (commonly referred to as “Long COVID”) and other clinical sequelae of COVID-19.

What you will learn in Module 20

Compare and contrast acute COVID-19, ongoing symptomatic COVID-19, and Post COVID-19 Condition (PCC)

Describe the clinical presentation and possible pathogenesis of PCC

Describe a multidisciplinary approach to the care of a patient who presents with ongoing symptoms after recent COVID-19 infection

Apply a patient-centered approach to the evaluation and treatment of patients who present after COVID-19 infection

Discuss the psychosocial impact of PCC on patients, their families, and communities

Person sneezing virus

Complete the Module

Each module includes a self-paced group activity and a group activity. The self-paced activity should be completed first. Learner and facilitator materials for the group activity are at the bottom of this page.

Self-Paced Activity

For the best experience, complete the self-paced activity in one session. Your progress through the self-paced module is not saved. Select the “Start Course” button below to begin.

Group Activity

Use the resources below to facilitate group activites to practice skills presented in the module.

Facilitator Materials: Presentation

Slides for presenting the module activities.

Download PowerPoint >>

Facilitator Materials: Instructions

Instructions for facilitating the learning activity.

Open Facilitator PDF >>

Learner Materials:

Instructions for learners to complete the activity.

Open Learner PDF >>
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