Professor James Hakim Leadership Development Program in Africa

Professor James Hakim was an outstanding African researcher who dedicated his life to clinical research, scientific research and social justice. Most notably, he was a transformative leader, who led with humility and vision. This course honors his legacy and seeks to ensure that future African health professions leaders are equipped with those leadership traits that Prof Hakim embodied.

The course is designed to provide participants with instruction, training and mentorship to effectively manage change, people and themselves, as well as how to carry out effective and efficient team/project management. Participants learn how to use leadership to promote organizational development, work effectively across cultures and cadres, and develop their networking skills. These competencies are engaged through active and reflective learning.


  • To ensure the sustainability of high-quality health professions education programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is necessary to build the next generation of leadership across the various health professions education training institutions.
  • Through leadership training of mid-career faculty across Sub-Saharan Africa using an inter-professional educational approach, AFREhealth is committed to supporting the next generation of health professional leaders necessary to create change and sustain innovation across health systems.
  • AFREhealth seeks to implement a leadership development program for mid-career faculty in Sub-Saharan Africa who will in turn become the change agents at their respective institution through the AFREhealth-UCSF collaboration.


  • To develop leadership skills of mid-career faculty in health professions education training schools across Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Strengthen the skills of mid-career faculty to address challenges that affect health professions training in their institutions.
  • To create a critical mass of transformative academic leaders and change agents that will improve the health professions training, service delivery, health policy dissemination and implementation.


  • Course 1: Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Course 2: Change Management & Sustaining Change
  • Course 3: Project Design
  • Course 4: Mentorship
  • Course 5: Budgeting, Resource Mobilization, & Partnership Development
  • Course 6: Conflict Management


  • Interactive workshops with speakers related to the above topics
  • Pre-readings and discussions among participants around the content on each topic
  • Individual time with mentors
  • Small group discussions around the progress of the participant projects



Applications for the 2022 cohort have closed.

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