9. ART Adherence & Evaluation of Virologic Failure

9. ART Adherence & Evaluation of Virologic Failure


The goal of this session is to prepare learners to use evidenced-based strategies to provide team-based care for a patient with ART non-adherence. The session will highlight respectful communication and collaborative leadership and employ reflective practice.


By the end of the module, the learner will be able to:

1. Describe factors related to patients, providers, and health systems that lead to ART non-adherence

2. Demonstrate how to respectfully assess for adherence and encourage patient engagement in care

3. Describe a shared decision-making approach and the roles of all team members to address causes of non-adherence

4. Explain etiologies for persistently detectable HIV RNA levels in persons who are adherent to ART and approaches to management for these patients

5. Apply the 5 WHYs to identify the cause of a problem in healthcare delivery