10. End of Life Care in a Patient with HIV

10. End of Life Care in a Patient with HIV


The goal of this session is to introduce learners to an approach to breaking bad news and to provide compassionate, person-centered, team-based care for patients with HIV with severe life-threatening diseases. This session will focus on use of reflective practice and will explore the ethical dimensions in providing care to someone at the end of life, with hopes to convey the importance of compassion.


By the end of the module, the learner will be able to:

1. Reflect on the experience of providing care at the end of life (EOL)

2. Demonstrate how to deliver bad news to a patient and their family

3. Discuss how to elicit patient and family preferences for end-of-life care

4. Discuss how to navigate difficult questions or decisions when caring for patients at the EOL

5. Describe ways to promote comfort and caring for a patient at the end of their life

6. Discuss how to use team-based care to support a family throughout the dying process