3. Management of HIV-TB Co-Infection

3. Management of HIV-TB Co-Infection


The goal of this module is to prepare learners to pro-vide team-based care and follow up for a patient with HIV and pulmonary TB. This module exemplifies role clarification and use of evidence-based medicine and country-specific guidelines.


By the end of the module, the learner will be able to:

1. Describe the five steps to evaluating a patient wth suspected pulmonary TB and HIV

2. Understand the optimal timing of HIV therapy for a patient newly diagnosed with TB and HIV

3. Explain the major toxicities/side-effects and return precautions for TB medications

4. Discuss a patient-centered approach to counsel-ing patients about their TB mediction regimen

5. Discuss interprofessional strategies to address the psychosocial concerns of TB at the individual, community, and institutional levels

6. Discuss why and how to inititate a household contact evaluation plan for a patient with HIV and pulmonary TB (QI)

7. Identify indications and drug options for TB pre-ventive therapy