Module Tag: Team & Team work

14. Community-Based HIV Service Delivery

The goal of this session is to empower learners to collaborate with community partners, understanding the resources, structures, and processes available to patients with HIV, while also underscoring the import- ant role of community-based, decentralized care to ensure patient-centered services.

12. Care of the Adolescent Male with Perinatally- Aquired HIV

The goal of this session is to introduce learners to concepts around care of an adolescent male with perinatally-acquired HIV, so as to recognize contextual factors to best support these patients and promote their quality of life.

8. Management of Sepsis in a Person with HIV

GOAL The goal of this session is to introduce learners to the provision of team-based care for a patient newly diagnosed with HIV who is admitted to the hospital with bacterial sepsis. OBJECTIVES By the end of the module, the learner will be able to: 1. Identify risk factors and possible sources of bacterial sepsis…
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