17. Care for the Paediatric Patient with HIV

17. Care for the Paediatric Patient with HIV


The goal of this session is to introduce learners to care for a paediatric patient with HIV, including concepts of medication dosing, interaction with the parent/family, and ethical issues surrounding this key population.


By the end of the module, the learner will be able to:

1.Use a team-based approach to care for childrenwith HIV (IPE)

2.Explain an assessment for growth, nutritionalstatus, and developmental milestones in apaediatric patient with HIV

3.Explain HIV diagnostics in infants and children

4.Apply WHO guidelines to an approach to ART andOI management in a paediatric patient with HIV

5.Discuss ethical dimensions of caring for apaediatric patient with HIV (e.g. disclosure, confi-dentiality, stigma, and evaluating for child abuse)

6.Demonstrate how and when to disclose HIV status to children with HIV